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A dramatic fall in oil prices opened the door for Terry to use his practical skills. Discover why he's a handyman people in Garstang and surrounding areas can trust.

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Terry is happy tackling all small jobs - he does not wish to get weighed down with bigger projects. Find out more about his wide range of handyman services.

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Testimonials for Terry the handyman in Garstang, Terry likes to know how well he is meeting his clients expectations, goals and if he lives up to his own high standards.

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Call Terry the handyman in Garstang today for your free consultation on 07483 456470 or email Terry on

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Garstang Handyman

terry For handyman services around Garstang, look no further than Terry Brereton. A former oil industry inspector, he does all those small jobs which tradesmen shun, and his highly technical background ensures they are completed to a high standard.

Terry is especially happy doing joinery, basic plumbing and electrical work, plus a host of other jobs which save householders time, stress and the expense of a tradesman. He has a fully equipped workshop, especially for wood-working, and no job is too small - the smaller, the better, as far as this Garstang handyman is concerned.

Terry, turned his lifelong hobby of DIY into a full-time job after plummeting oil prices ended his work for multinationals in the oil industry. "I have always liked working with my hands and this seemed the way to go," he says.

From fitting a toilet seat to installing outside lights or hanging a picture or assembling flat-pack furniture, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more technically minded handyman. For all those household jobs you have put to one side or maybe feel unable to do, give Terry the Handyman a ring to see if he can help.

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