A new life as Mr Fix-it

All his life, Terry has been interested in DIY, carrying out electrical, plumbing and joinery work not only for himself but also for friends and neighbours around Garstang - truly 'a handy man' to know!

His interest led to assembling a well-stocked workshop of wood-working tools, recently supplemented by metal-working equipment.

Then, in March 2015, the dramatic slump in oil prices meant his work in the oil industry was abruptly terminated. Terry had spent most of his career as a plant and pipeline inspector, working in far-flung places like Yemen, Burma and Iran where his technical expertise was crucial to the safe functioning of on-shore marine oil and gas installations.

"I thought: 'Why not have a complete change of direction? - I have always been interested in working with my hands and over the years have built up an extensive collection of tools. I felt it would be good to meet people and do something I enjoy, fixing things and getting things to work again.'

While Terry will tackle joinery, basic plumbing and electrical work, he is - not surprisingly - familiar with legislation and will only attempt work allowed by the regulations. So, ironically - 'no gas'.

He can turn his hand to a wide range of jobs and is happy to work as a handyman in Garstang, Catterall, St Michaels, Great Eccleston, Forton, Dolphinholme and even further afield. Click here for his services.

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